About us


Founded in Poland in 2013 by Damian Głuch, Chinchilla - Fur - Skins company  is a family-run business fuelled by  quality and unique aesthetic.

We distribute high quality tanned chinchilla pelts

We are leather-, fur trader and manufacturer company. Our merchandises (leather and fur) are made or tanned mainly in Poland & Slovakia.

Those years of experience in wholesale of the pelts tanned by our company result in the use of the latest and finest tanning technology on the world market.

One of the most important quality aspects of our dressing is the flexibility of tanned chinchilla pelts. After the process is finished our chinchilla skin are not only smooth and soft also the back leather of each chinchilla pelt is much more intensive and highly resistant to breaking during stretching-forming process comparing to other dressings available on the world market.

Another important thing in our chinchilla fur quality is finishing colour. Our dressing keeps the natural colour of chinchilla pelts with high rate of contrast between dark grey back and shiny white sides which illuminate with a bit of blue gloss. Our chinchilla skins keep their fresh look for a very long time and are resistant to sunshine exposure.